Welcome to Our 2023-24

Returning Members, our on-line registration opens August 15th! 


2023-24 League and Membership Fees – the following are not confirmed – league pricing/fees will be updated in late spring for the new season.

Each curler (including alternates) is required to pay their Annual Membership, Facility Improvement, Curl BC and Curl Canada fees in addition to their appropriate league fees prior to the start of their first curling game.

For Club Run Leagues (Monday Open League, Tuesday Mixed, Wednesday Men, Open Doubles and Day Ladies*)  curlers are to pay League fees, membership, facility and affiliate fees (see below) all directly through Curling I/O registration system.  For other leagues (contract run), curlers pay their league fees and other remaining social, banquet fees , etc to their League Representative, and are required to register on Curling I/O to pay membership, facility  and affiliate fees as below. Registration system will collect membership, facility and affiliate fees  only once per curling season, regardless of number of leagues playing or if playing at another club using Curling I/O.  See below for more information.

Facility Improvement Fee $30 – this covers maintenance of building over and above day to day facility costs.

Annual Pay Membership** $35  – benefits to members – free practice ice, (must be pre-booked online,) 5% discount on ice rental, anytime access to lounge when open (except during private bookings), access to special events (ie – members only clinics).  Also all current members have the privilege to vote at our AGM (typically held in May).

Curl BC $18 (13 & up as of Dec 31st)  Curl Canada  $2 (U13 exempt)  Curl BC/Curl Canada fees will only be collected once if playing in multiple leagues and clubs during the same season in BC provided they are on Curling I/O and use the same login information to register.  Please print your paid receipt from Marpole and present to the other club for reimbursement.

For information on the benefits of Curl BC membership, please click here


* Day ladies have an additional social fee paid to their league representative.

** Full Pay members have paid lifetime membership fees and are required to pay $30 facility improvement fee, $18 Curl BC and $2 Curl Canada fees.

Please contact Pam at  mgr@marpolecurling.ca for any assistance

New to Marpole?  We love new curlers!

Are you an experienced team/individual looking for a league?

Check out the leagues listed below for contact/league info details.  Please confirm your spot with the league representative before registering online.

Click Here for Weekday Daytime Leagues

Click Here for Weekday Evening Leagues

Click Here for Weekend Leagues

Can’t find a team? Send us a message with your present experience and what type of league you are looking for mgr@marpolecurling.ca

No experience and wish to discover how fun this game is?

 Check Out our Learn to Curl Page


Men’s Lockers are available to be booked per season at the time of registering for your league with first right of refusal offered to members from the previous year.  The same locker will be assigned.  After October 15th,  any remaining lockers will be released on a first come, first serve basis. Current rate for 2022-23 is $35 including tax.

To add  your locker, go to PRODUCTS .

IMPORTANT If you do not have a locker and wish to be assigned one, please inquire first to  mgr@marpolecurling.ca

Ladies lockers are assigned by the DAY LADIES league.  Please contact their President Pam Chow at pamchow54@gmail.com for more information.

 How to Register Using Curling I/O



To register, please ensure you are on google chrome (not safari) to get started.  You will need to have a Google account or an email address. If using a hotmail account, the system will send an email with a token for you submit with a link.  The button above takes you to the secure, Registration System website.

Step 1: Profile Information

The first time you register with Curling.IO, you will be required to fill out some profile information: name, address, age, gender, and emergency contact. Please complete all the information requested.

Once registered, click on Curlers, located on the top menu, and you can add more information about you and register as a Spare.

If you have a Coaching Certificate, we request you click on Optional Info and enter the information here.

You can select the League(s) you wish to register as a Spare by clicking on Sparing.

Note: If you did this last year, your profile should already be set up and you won’t have to do this again.


Step 2: Select League

Once you are registered you will be directed to the Leagues page where you can join one or more leagues.


Step 3: Waivers

You will then need to read and agree to the club waivers.

Note: There is also a special COVID-19 waiver included.


Step 4: Payment

The last step is payment by credit/debit* card. *In order to pay with a debit card online, it needs to have a Visa or MasterCard logo.  Please no cheques/cash.

Note: Once you have submitted an order through Registration System, you will be able to submit additional orders, but you will not be able to cancel or amend any orders that you have submitted. Please contact mgr@marpolecurling.ca if you require assistance or to amend submitted orders.