Ice & Facility Rental Terms & Conditions

Cancellations: Must be made within 7 days for ice rentals & 30 days for full facility rentals.

Shoes: All participants must bring an extra pair of clean shoes (with flat soles, such as a running shoe) to change into after entering the Club. No one will be permitted to go on the ice in street shoes (including hiking shoes, dress shoes, flip-flops, boots, etc.) or shoes deemed to be dirty or in poor condition (such that ice damage would occur), by a Club staff member. Curling shoes are the only permitted exception to this rule. Each participant is also required to wear a club gripper on each foot, in addition to the clean shoes. Club grippers are provided as part of the rental and can be found in the lower lobby near the Men’s washroom. Grippers should be returned to the appropriate bin (indicating gripper size) at the end of the rental period

Alcohol: The Marpole Curling Club is not licensed for alcoholic beverages anywhere except the upstairs lounge. Anyone found with alcohol in the lower floors including the ice shed will be ejected from the building without refund. Anyone caught drinking in the parking lot or surrounding area will be refused entry to the building and the appropriate authorities will be alerted. Any damage to property due to abuse of alcohol will be charged to the rental group responsible as damage.

Behaviour: Curling is a very friendly and social sport and the Marpole Curling Club will not condone unruly, offensive or unsportsmanlike behaviour. Swearing, obscenities, obscene gestures, offensive comments, physical abuse, etc. are grounds for removal without refund. Likewise, unsafe behaviour such as horseplay, running on the ice, shooting stones towards each other, or any other behaviour not in line with the rules of the game, will result in a warning and could result in being expelled from the club without refund.

Inherent Risk: Curling can be a dangerous sport, especially when safety rules are not followed. The renter acknowledges that there are inherent risks when renting curling ice and releases the Marpole Curling Club from all responsibility for physical harm, damage to any party in the renter’s group or the rental group’s belongings and theft of renter’s belongings before, during and after the rental period.¬† Helmuts are not required, however is highly recommended for children under 13, and renter must advise group to supply their own.

Supervision of Children: The renter acknowledges that supervision of any children in the renter’s group is the sole responsibility of the renter’s group. Children must be supervised at all time. If children are curling with the group, special attention should be paid to avoid harm to the children in the ice shed. The rocks can weigh more than some children and can cause great harm if they hit anyone but particularly a child. Renter’s who wish children under the age of 14 to be part of the curling party should discuss the risks with the Manager and/or the Ice Staff Member on duty.

Lost and Found: All belongings left at the club will be retained for a short period after which they will be donated to a worthy cause. The Marpole Curling Club takes no responsibility for items left after the rental period and the Lost and Found area is not secured.

Damage and Facility Cleanliness: The renting party is aware that any damage that occurs to the ice, equipment or facility during the rental, or by any party within the rental group, will be subject to a damage and/or cleaning fee. Those fees are assessed as a minimum of two (2) hours per offense and are as follows: $25 per hour: Dirt, grass, mud, etc. or excessive hand and knee prints on the ice and any facility area left excessively dirty (washrooms, locker rooms, kitchen, lounge, external parking and entryway, etc.). $50 per hour: Chips, cracks or breakage to the ice. $100 plus the cost of the full and complete repair (including potential shipping costs) will be charged for broken equipment or damage to the building (or its contents).