Dear Members &  Guests of Marpole

This page is for the benefit of receiving updates on recent Covid-19/ communicable disease information in our club.

The office has received many questions and will do our best to answer as the information is available to us, and we ask that you check regularly.  Curling will proceed this season according to plan, with some changes as we continue to support and follow the guidelines from the PHO as they are provided.

To Date the most recent changes are:

** UPDATED ** Oct 1,  2021

In addition to the new spectator rules, please be aware of following lounge protocols:

One in the lounge, order your drinks and spectators and members are to stay seated. No table hopping.  (no parties)

Masks to worn at all times except while seated.  TV volume will remain at a low level.  Avoid shouting while at tables or while watching curling games.

**UPDATED** Sept 30, 2021

As of September 26th, the only appropriate vaccine cards to be verified must have the QR Code and person’s name.  

As of October 1st, non members can spectate at the club under the following criteria: 

  1. They are accompanied by a member at the time the member’s league commences play
  2. They show proof of valid vaccination (may be repeated, even in the lounge)
  3. They are aware of health declaration upon entering and facility COVID-19 protocols – social distancing, mask requirements and lounge protocols.
  4. They are permitted to sit in the upstairs lounge during normal lounge operation hours and are signed in by a member (liquor licence requirement)
  5. They are aware of lounge capacity (50 ppl max)  and due to volume demands the ability to spectate may be limited and/or not permitted.  Staff will monitor flow of leagues and spectators and they may have to ask at times spectators/members to vacate lounge or other areas as required.

 This temporary policy may be re-evaluated and updated during the season, without notice.
In addition, the main front doors will remain locked  (they can use push lock to leave from the inside) once leagues commence their games to ensure we can effectively monitor entry into the building while also performing maintenance, etc.
** UPDATED *** Sept 9, 2021 ( 2 items)

  1. We have completed our Communicable Disease Plan according to WCB and PHO recommendations. To view a copy please contact the office.
  2. COVID 19- COMMUNICABLE DISEASE WAIVER/DECLARATION – revised document (pertaining sections 6, 7, 8 & 12)



Curling Canada, Curl BC, Marpole Curling Club (collectively the “Organization”) require the disclosure of exposure or illness is in order to safeguard the health and safety of all participants and limit the further outbreak of COVID-19. This Declaration of Compliance will be kept safely, and personal information will not be disclosed unless as required by law or with your consent.

An individual (or the individual’s parent/guardian, if the individual is younger than the age of majority) who is unable to agree to the terms outlined in this document is not permitted to enter the Organization’s facilities or participate in the Organization’s activities, programs, or services.

I, the undersigned being the individual named above and the individual’s parent/guardian (if the individual is younger than the age of majority), hereby acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this document:

  1. The coronavirus disease, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization and COVID-19 is extremely contagious. The Organization has put in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and requires all individuals (or their parent/guardian, when applicable) to adhere to the compliance standards described in this document.
  2. The individual has not been diagnosed with COVID-19. OR If the individual was diagnosed with COVID-19, the individual was cleared as noncontagious by provincial or local public health authorities.
  3. If the individual is a front-line worker (such as hospital staff, long term care staff, or other individual who interacts with individuals who have confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19), the individual has worn proper and approved Personal Protective Equipment at all times whenever they interacted with an individual who has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  4. If the individual is not a front-line worker, or other individual who interacts with individuals who have confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19, they have not been exposed to a person with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  5. The individual is attending or participating voluntarily and understands the risks associated with COVID-19. The individual (or the individual’s parent/guardian), on behalf of the individual (when applicable)) agrees to assume those risks, including but not limited to exposure and being infected.
  6. The individual has not, nor has anyone in the individual’s household, experienced any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days. Primary symptoms are fever, new or worsening cough, chills, difficulty breathing, and loss of taste or smell. Additional symptoms can be found at
  7. If the individual experiences, or if anyone in the individual’s household experiences, any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 after submitting this Declaration of Compliance, the individual will notify the Organization if they have been at the Facility in the previous 2 days prior to symptoms, and not attend any of the Organization’s facilities, activities, programs or services until at least 10 days have passed since those symptoms were last experienced, or until cleared as noncontagious by a Public Health Official.
  8. The individual has not, nor has any member of the individual’s household, travelled to, or had a lay-over in any country outside Canada. If the individual travels, or if anyone in the individual’s household travels, outside Canada after submitting this Declaration of Compliance, the individual will not attend any of the Organization’s facilities, activities, programs or services unless they have been successfully accepted into Canada with the Federal Government Entry requirements (see and have not been asked to isolate.
  9. The individual is following recommended guidelines, including but not limited to, practicing physical distancing, trying to maintain separation of six feet from others, adhering to recognized hygiene best practices, and otherwise limiting exposure to COVID-19.
  10. The individual will follow the safety, physical distancing, and hygiene protocols of the Organization.
  11. The individual will bring their own personal items and personal equipment (such as water bottles, bags, towels, etc.) at their discretion and will not share their personal items or equipment with other individuals.
  12. This document will remain in effect until the Organization, per the direction of the provincial government and provincial health officials, determines that the acknowledgements in this Declaration of Compliance are no longer required. If any changes are made during the season, the Organization will inform Members via the website.
  13. The Organization may remove the individual from the facility or from participation in the activities, programs or services of the Organization at any time and for any reason if the Organization believes, in its sole discretion, that the individual is no longer in compliance with any of the standards described in this document.
  14. The individual will follow all guidance in this Declaration throughout the season and will reassess their health status upon each entry to the facility. If any term cannot be complied with as originally declared, the individual will not enter the facility and will contact the Organization.


** UPDATED *** Aug 26,

August 23rd :  Vaccination Card/Policy – The PHO announced that a new order will require individuals aged 12+ to provide proof of vaccination to access a broad range of events, including recreational sport.  As of September 13th, proof of one dose of the vaccine will be required for entry into the club.  By October 24th, proof of vaccine for entry into the building will require people to be fully vaccinated at least seven days after receiving both doses. The Province has not released information on how the passports will work.  Once we understand this, we will inform members with adequate timing prior to the season starting on what the process will be for entering our club for members and guests.

August 24th:  Mask Mandate  – as per the Government of BC Website, it will be mandatory for people 12 and up to wear a mask when inside all areas of the club, regardless of vaccination status, except when engaged in sports activity (curling) and when seated in the lounge.  Coffee service/cafe operations is under review.

To access recent government updates go to

Here is a recent statement from Curl BC:

It has been suggested by the Health Minister that we will remain in Phase 3 for BC’s Restart Plan and for sport;  here is the information from Viasport on what this entails:

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Thank you for visiting this page and we appreciate your patience over the coming weeks to ensure a safe and fun return to curling!  Of course, if you have any questions that require immediate assistance, please contact Pam @