CONGRATS ANDREW FORREST – Virtually Single Bonspiel Winner!

Marpole’s Virtual Spiel was held Feb 26th -28th and was a total hit! 

Lots of fun, competitive curling and virtual happy hours were had!   All competitors played in a 3 game, round robin format to contend for 8 playoff spots!

Claiming first place was Andrew Forrest vs Dale Cameron, in a close match that went down to the final shots!

Semi finalists were Pam Langham and Joe Pattern

1/4 finalists – Brad Lowe, Cam Dunnett, Robin Wong and Olivier Eyemere

Congrats to all the other players for their fantastic curling spirit and we hope to see you in future events!

In addition a HUGE thank you to our sponsors!



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We recommend to practice and register on the link before the bonspiel.  Its free to register on their site to play a game at any time before or practice. Check it out!

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Letter From the President – Rock Fundraising Update

Dear Marpole Curlers,

Fifteen score and seven days ago the decision was made to close the Marpole Curling Club for the 2019 – 2020 season.  The closure lasted longer than we initially anticipated but I think we can all see that 2021 will be brighter than 2020.  We are not out of the woods yet, but there is hope on the horizon. 


The Board of Directors is eager to welcome a new season starting September 2021.  Even though we have been prudent with our finances the club still has ongoing outlays such as utilities, rent and employee related expenses.  As has been mentioned previously we are also looking forward to having the rocks re-conditioned.  To date we have raised two thirds of the required funds and we would like to thank all our members who have contributed to date. 


With the Holiday Season past, and everyone’s bills cleared away we are hoping that those members of the Marpole Curling Club who have not yet contributed can donate to the club at this time.  Your donation can be directed to the Rocks or for on-going expenses, just note where you would like your contribution to be directed. 


As a member whose grandfathers came from Dundee and Aberdeen in Scotland I had to check my pennies before contributing, I just ask you to do the same. 


You can donate by e-transfer to or by cheque mailed to or dropped off at the club. 



Best Regards,

Gregg C. Bruce
President of the Marpole Curling Club



Rock’In the House – Giving Back with Jim Cotter Under the Tree this Christmas

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Christmas came 2 days early for 2 lucky winners!

Congratulations to Gerry Waller  and Rati Aurora on behalf of the Brooms & Beers League for winning a Fireside Chat with Jim Cotter in January!

We are pleased to announce that the Rock Fundraising initiative has surpassed the halfway mark at just over  $10,000.

Contributions are continuing, and if looking to donate, please email

A huge thank you to all those who have donated so far, and on behalf of Marpole Curling Club, Merry Christmas Everyone!



Rock Funding – Letter from the President

Dear Marpole Curlers,

Greetings from the Friendly Home of Curling in South Vancouver.  It has become evident that this year of curling will not be like any other.  Last season, there were discussions at the Board of Directors meeting in relation to the conditions of the ice and the rocks.  In February, a local expert (Provincial Ice Maker, BJ Gagnon) evaluated the ice and rocks. His analysis pointed to the major source of inconsistencies being the rocks.  After some digging, literally, old Board Meeting Minutes from 2005 noted the expense for the inserts for the rocks, so the inserts are 15 years old.  Therefore, at the March 12, 2020 Board meeting $20,000 was approved for refurbishing the rocks including the strike-bands.


When the seriousness of Covid-19 became evident, the Board of Directors suspended the rock refurbishing in order to preserve capital, at the April 9, 2020 Board meeting.  However, the Board of Directors want curling conditions at Marpole to be one of the best, or the best in the Lower Mainland.  In order to have good rocks for next season the Fundraising Committee will start collecting and tracking donations in a separate, segregated, account to cover the $20,000 cost to recondition our rocks.  Any amount will be appreciated, just add the Marpole Curling Club to your Christmas List.  Donations from leagues will also be graciously accepted.  In the event that funds in excess of those for the rocks are raised, they would be directed to general revenue.  We look forward to recognizing donors for their generosity.


There are several ways to donate toward the rock reconditioning and the club.  Members can mail or drop off a cheque at the club, made out to the Marpole Curling Club; you can note on the cheque the funds are for the “rocks”.  You can also e-transfer via email to:


Now is the perfect time to send a donation to the Marpole Curling Club to all of our benefit for the upcoming fall season and many seasons after that.


Thank you in advance,

Gregg C. Bruce
President of the Marpole Curling Club



Update – Curling Season Cancelled til Sept 2021

Curling Season Determined not to Open in January 2021, with Plans to Proceed September 2021.

The Board of Directors met on November 19th to decide whether to open the club in January 2021 for a shortened season or to remain closed until the fall of 2021.  Following results from a survey starting from our contract leagues, the determination was clear that the rate of participation from this information and using similar modelling with club run leagues, was not sufficient to allow the club to open without a significant financial loss.

Therefore, the Board of Directors decided not to open the club in January 2021, and will focus efforts on the season starting in September 2021.  The Board is disappointed and felt its duty is to the health and safety of its members and the long-term stability of the club, not just the current season.

The club will do its best to keep members informed about any changes going forward.