Updated Rule Book alters ‘thinking time’ rules

Changes to the 2012-14 Canadian Curling Association Rule Book will see “thinking time” incorporated into officiated events. According to the new rules, each team will be given 40 minutes of “thinking time” in which to play a 10-end game, plus five minutes to play an extra end. This is the reverse of the traditional timing approach when each team was given 73 minutes to play. The change brings the timing of events in line with the Grand Slam of Curling series. Curl BC will also adopt the rules of Think Time for the 2012-13 season at each of the provincial championships.

The new Rule Book will also include the rules for stick curling.

An overview of the changes to the CCA rules are available from the CCA website.

The revised Rules of Curling For General Play for 2012-14 is available to download now. Click here to view.