Ladies Bonspiel Results – A Clean Sleep!

Congratulations to the teams that were “in the money” in our annual Ladies Spiel January 27th to 29th.

A Event

1st – Cowan Team (Langley)A-Final-1-Cowan-Final-scaled

2nd – Chow Team (Marpole)

3rd/4th – Mistakes Were Made (Marpole)

3rd/4th – Booth Team (Seattle)


B Event

B-Final-1-McInnes-Final-scaled1st– McInnes Team (VCC)

2nd – Johnston Team (Marpole)

3rd/4th– Langham Team (Tunnel Town)

3rd/4th – Tamura Team (Portland)



C Event


1st – Palm Team (Peace Arch)

2nd – Rauliuk Team (Langley Seattle)

3rd/4th – Curls Gone Wild (Marpole)

3rd/4th – No Sheet Sherlocks (VCC)



Thank you to:

Our sponsors: (A) Alan and Laura Rampton, (B) Waller Construction Ltd., (C) Kim McArthur Yae, Van Sports Physio

Business and Personal Contributors listed on the program.

The 22 Teams who came, curled and showed up in their pyjamas to party.

Connie Bailey and her bonspiel committee who organized a fun and successful event.

All the women who supplied baking and willingly volunteered in many ways.

All those who donated gifts to and supported our raffle and 50/50s.

Catering Visions who provided a scrumptious banquet.

Raja Sabbagha who donated his time to test our trivia knowledge.

Pam Langham and the staff at Marpole who made everyone welcome.

Jeremy Howe and the ice staff who made  great ice.


Sleep Well!  See you all next year!

Unclaimed Raffle Prizes

If you have any of the following tickets please contact the office at to claim your prize

Numbers are: 

Basket 1:   6742414. (Gellin with Jenn)

Basket 6:   6743486 (Bard on the Beach) 

Basket 15: 6743775 (Black and Black)

Basket 19: 6742610 (Steppin Out)

Basket 20: 6743377 (Fuggles and Warlock) 

Basket 31: 6744070 (Arts Club)

Basket 35: 6743719 (Goldline Broom) 

Basket 41: 6742557 (McDonald’s Gift Cards)