Congrats Marpole Ladies – Event Winners Jan 20-22, 2017

B Event 1st Place ThompsonC Event 1st Boyco

Thank you to everybody who entered our annual Marpole Ladies Bonspiel last weekend. We were far from sleepyheads who enjoyed the Pajama Party theme with some teams dancing all night and others really went all out with their costumes. Thank you to all the contributors, our sponsors Surrey Radiator and Auto Cooling, Waller Construction and Heather Kerr, realtor Century 21, our ice crew for wonderful ice, kitchen staff for delicious nachos and dinner, bar staff and all our hard working volunteers and bonspiel committee for contributing to another successful spiel. Thank you to everyone who supported our 50/50s and bought raffle tickets for our many beautifully wrapped baskets which were all claimed. We appreciate you all so much for choosing to bonspiel at Marpole and we hope to see you back next year.

Winner – A Event: Team Carefoot from Marpole
Skip: Sonia Fones, 3rd: Sharon Carefoot, 2nd: Kathy Kerr, Lead: Judy Santowski

Winner – B Event: Team Thompson from Richmond
Skip: Kim Dennis, 3rd: Heather Beatty, 2nd: Allison Dentoom, Lead: Erin Obsniuk

Winner – C Event: Team Boyko from Tunnel Town
Skip: Marcie Henry, 3rd: Tannis Boyko, 2nd: Kathy Kelloway, Lead: Barb Irwin

Winner – A Event:  Team Carefoot from Marpole

Skip: Sonia Fones, 3rd: Sharon Carefoot, 2nd: Kathy Kerr, Lead: Judy Santowski


Winner – B Event: Team Thompson from Richmond

Skip: Kim Dennis, 3rd: Heather Beatty, 2nd: Allison Dentoom, Lead: Erin Obsniuk


Winner – C Event: Team Boyko from Tunnel Town

Skip: Marcie Henry, 3rd: Tannis Boyko, 2nd: Kathy Kelloway, Lead: Barb Irwin


And The Winners are…

A gigantic thank you to everyone who participated in the Driftwood Brewery Marpole Sportsman this past weekend. A great time was had by all and a substantial  thank you to Marpole’s  hard working ice staff who received many compliments, our kitchen staff who served fantastic meals and our bar tenders who kept the beverages flowing. A very special thank you to our Platinum Sponsor Driftwood Brewery  and our Gold Sponsor, Waller Construction for their generous donations which helped tremendously in the success on the spiel. Thank you to the hard working committee of volunteers that put in an incredible amount of time and energy in organizing the event and of course to the Sweet Soul Burlesque ladies that literally brought the Cherry on Top!

And now for the winners…

A box

Team Gomes

from Marpole Curling Club

Andrew Robinson, lead, Chris Gomes, Skip, Raj Manhas, third and Daleep Aujlay, second.


B Box

Team Brower

From the Vancouver Curling Club

Deryk Brower, lead,  Mike Moss, skip and second rock thrower, Jan Bos, third and Richard Brower, fourth rock thrower.


C Box

Team 44 Pounders

From the Marpole Curling Club

Ryan Sykes, lead, Dean Nontell, second, Reuben Bartlett, skip and Collin McArthur, third.



Thanks again to everyone who curled, volunteered and worked hard to make this such a great spiel and see you all next year!






The Cafe is Open and Ready to Rock

The Marpole Cafe is Open and ready to rock! The amazingly talented Trena is heading the team, with delicious specials, burgers, soups and sandwiches and so much more. Dinner is served on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays and lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cafe and Catering menus coming soon!


Proposal Changes to Marpole Membership





Marpole membership is currently divided into two groups: full members who can participate in affairs related to running the club such as voting on club issues at general meetings and participating on the board; and associate members who may have curled at the club in multiple leagues and for many years but who are not included in our official voting membership under the society rules.

The Marpole Membership & Communication Committee is recommending, with approval from the board, that the membership structure be changed to include all curlers at the club. This proposal requires approval by the membership and will be put to vote at the upcoming SAGM on May 11, 2016.

What is changing?

Starting in the 2016-2017 season, all curlers in all leagues will be full voting members of the club. The quorum rules for the AGM will also be adjusted to ensure that, under the new membership, structure business can be carried out without issue.

What is staying the same?

Life membership will not change and the rights of membership to vote at general meetings and participate in governance will remain the same. Membership benefits, such as discounts on ice and facility rentals, will also remain unchanged. There will also be no new fees for existing members.

Why the change?

The purpose of this proposed change is to be more inclusive of all curlers at the club to increase our membership engagement. Marpole is a not-for-profit society and membership run. All curlers should feel they participate in maintaining our club. This change would also better position us to qualify for the new ‘member-funded’ class of the Society Act. Increasing membership will also benefit all curlers by giving a greater voice in our conversation with the City about the lease renewal.

How will curling fees be affected?

The committee and the board would like to emphasize that our primary objective in this proposal is increased membership and engagement, not income. However, we need to make sure that it is fair to those that have purchased memberships over the years so there are some minor adjustments to fees required.

Currently, all curlers (regardless of membership status) pay an annual facility fee and a Curl BC fee every year. For the current season, 2015-2016, this fee was $27. Under the new structure, the facility fee will be adjusted to include a capital improvement fee, a Curl BC membership fee, and a full voting club membership for all curlers in all leagues. The new facility fee for the upcoming season, 2016-2017, will be $60 which includes an annual membership of $30.  Existing full members are exempt from the membership portion of the facility fee. As well, the one-time fee for membership will remain available for $150 (the same as the current structure) for anyone who would prefer to pay once rather than annually.

The net cost increase for existing full voting members is $0 and the increase for non-voting members will be $30. League fees will be frozen with no increase for the 2016-2017 to offset the minor increase in the facility fee for current non-members.

The full details of the proposal are attached.  If you have questions or concerns please feel free to speak to any member of the Membership Committee or the club President, Susanne Whalley.

Membership and Communication Committee Members:

Reuben Bartlett (Chair), Keith Parry, Brad Lowe, Al Jones, Heather McManus, and Dale Cameron





March 10, 2016

Membership & Communication Committee:


  1. Members: Reuben (Chair), Keith Parry, Brad Lowe, Al Jones, Heather McManus, and Dale Cameron
  2. Proposed Changes to Membership Structure:  The membership & communication committee proposes to simplify membership rules and benefits with the objective of increasing membership engagement, volunteerism and also better position us to qualify for the new ‘member-funded’ class of the revised Society Act coming into effect November 28, 2016.

Proposal Summary:

It’s proposed that the membership structure be adjusted such that all curlers participating in club leagues and commercial/contract leagues become full voting members;

  1. That the fee structure be adjusted such that membership is paid on an annual basis with the option of purchasing a membership through a one time fee; and
  2. That all members, whether paying annually or by a one-time fee, share the same rights and benefits.


Proposal Details:

All curlers for all leagues are currently required to pay an annual Facility Fee.  We propose that this fee be changed to include the cost of full membership for all curlers.

  1. The facility fee under this proposal is $60 and would have the following structure:
    • A Capital Improvement Fee and a Curl BC membership fee.
      • This portion is $30/year.
    • An Annual Full Membershipto the club, including all rights and benefits.
      • This portion is $30/year.
    • Full Membership can be also paid with a $150 one-time fee.
      • Members who have paid this one-time fee are exempt from the annual membership fee and pay only the portion to cover of the facility fee that covers capital improvements and Curl BC membership (i.e., $30/year).
    • The rights and benefits for Annual Full Members and Full Members are the same.
    • The cost of the annual membership does not accumulate towards the one-time $150 fee. However, in the first year to simplify fee collection, curlers who pay the annual fee can use the $30 annual fee toward payment of the one-time fee of $150 if they choose to do so before the club closes for the holidays in December 2016.
      • This is meant to facilitate collection of the fees while giving curlers the opportunity to assess whether they would prefer to pay the one-time fee instead of the annual fee.
      • This is also meant for the first year of implementation only but could be considered for any ’new’ curlers joining the club in subsequent years at the manager’s discretion.
  1. Life membershipswould remain unchanged.
  2. Club or contract/commercial leagues that have half-year curling options can have a pro-rated annual fee. The one-time fee would remain $150.
  3. Full Member rights are:
    • Voting privileges at AGM and SAGM;
    • And eligibility to serve on the Board of Directors.
  4. Full Member benefits will be:
    • Membership discounts on rentals;
      • 25% discount on sheet and/or full facility rentals;
      • 25% discount when renting only the club lounge or Magnuson Room for events;
    • A discount for participation in more than one club run league;
    • Access to club lounge and bar service (non-members require sign-in as a guest to upstairs lounge).
  5. In consideration of the increase in the number of voting members, the number of members required to be present or represented by proxy at AGM or SAGM meetings will be adjusted to ensure that a quorum can be met and business conducted. The attendance number for quorum will be set separately from this proposal but reviewed and approved at the next SAGM/AGM.

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