15th Annual Seniors Spiel a Success!

The 2022 Simply Seniors Bonspiel September 23 and 24 was a rocking success!  Twelve teams from Langley, Royal City, VCC, Richmond, Peace Arch, Tunnel Town, Chilliwack and Marpole were glad to be back on the ice at Marpole.

1st Place

Bailey Team from VCC

Skip: Bev Bailey

Third: Janet Dunkin

Second: Kathy Leigh

Lead: Sandy Howey




2nd Place

Laura Rampton Team from Marpole

Skip: Laura Rampton

Third: Pam Chow

Second: Jay Taylor

Lead: Marian Dickens




3rd Place

Joanne Mick Team from Royal City

Skip: Joanne Mick

Third: Charlotte Edwards

Second: Pat Upper

Lead: Margaret Hilson


4th Place

Gwen Clark Team from Langley

Skip: Gwen Clark

Third Marilynne Burrus

Second: Claire Morrison

Lead: Janeen Curley


Thank you to Pam Langham, Gary Ritchie and the volunteers from Marpole who hosted a great spiel.  Trena Bennet outdid herself in providing an excellent brunch.  A special thank you to Heather Dixon who is retiring after doing the decorations and coordinating the lunch for eleven years.  Cash prizes were awarded for 1st to 4th place in the spiel and everyone went home with toonies for the ends they won. 

Thank you to all those who volunteered and baked for the bonspiel.  It is a wonderful team effort!


Laura Rampton, Bonspiel Coordinator