Letter From the President – Rock Fundraising Update

Dear Marpole Curlers,

Fifteen score and seven days ago the decision was made to close the Marpole Curling Club for the 2019 – 2020 season.  The closure lasted longer than we initially anticipated but I think we can all see that 2021 will be brighter than 2020.  We are not out of the woods yet, but there is hope on the horizon. 


The Board of Directors is eager to welcome a new season starting September 2021.  Even though we have been prudent with our finances the club still has ongoing outlays such as utilities, rent and employee related expenses.  As has been mentioned previously we are also looking forward to having the rocks re-conditioned.  To date we have raised two thirds of the required funds and we would like to thank all our members who have contributed to date. 


With the Holiday Season past, and everyone’s bills cleared away we are hoping that those members of the Marpole Curling Club who have not yet contributed can donate to the club at this time.  Your donation can be directed to the Rocks or for on-going expenses, just note where you would like your contribution to be directed. 


As a member whose grandfathers came from Dundee and Aberdeen in Scotland I had to check my pennies before contributing, I just ask you to do the same. 


You can donate by e-transfer to or by cheque mailed to or dropped off at the club. 



Best Regards,

Gregg C. Bruce
President of the Marpole Curling Club