Dear Marpole Curlers,

Greetings from the Friendly Home of Curling in South Vancouver.  It has become evident that this year of curling will not be like any other.  Last season, there were discussions at the Board of Directors meeting in relation to the conditions of the ice and the rocks.  In February, a local expert (Provincial Ice Maker, BJ Gagnon) evaluated the ice and rocks. His analysis pointed to the major source of inconsistencies being the rocks.  After some digging, literally, old Board Meeting Minutes from 2005 noted the expense for the inserts for the rocks, so the inserts are 15 years old.  Therefore, at the March 12, 2020 Board meeting $20,000 was approved for refurbishing the rocks including the strike-bands.


When the seriousness of Covid-19 became evident, the Board of Directors suspended the rock refurbishing in order to preserve capital, at the April 9, 2020 Board meeting.  However, the Board of Directors want curling conditions at Marpole to be one of the best, or the best in the Lower Mainland.  In order to have good rocks for next season the Fundraising Committee will start collecting and tracking donations in a separate, segregated, account to cover the $20,000 cost to recondition our rocks.  Any amount will be appreciated, just add the Marpole Curling Club to your Christmas List.  Donations from leagues will also be graciously accepted.  In the event that funds in excess of those for the rocks are raised, they would be directed to general revenue.  We look forward to recognizing donors for their generosity.


There are several ways to donate toward the rock reconditioning and the club.  Members can mail or drop off a cheque at the club, made out to the Marpole Curling Club; you can note on the cheque the funds are for the “rocks”.  You can also e-transfer via email to:


Now is the perfect time to send a donation to the Marpole Curling Club to all of our benefit for the upcoming fall season and many seasons after that.


Thank you in advance,

Gregg C. Bruce
President of the Marpole Curling Club