2015 Marpole Simply Seniors Ladies Bonspiel September 25 & 26

The 12 teams in our 10th Annual Simply Seniors Bonspiel unanimously praised Marpole for the fabulous ice, the great brunch organized by Heather and prepared by Julie,  the delicious breakfast items and the decadent squares served with tea.  Melinda, Gary, and all the Marpole curlers and volunteers made our visitors feel very welcome.  Thank you to all who participated, volunteered and baked.  It was a great start to the season.  Planning for an encore next September.

Congratulations to the Winning Teams

Mick Rink v2

1st Place, Mick Team, Marpole Curling Club

Joanne Mick, Charlotte Edwards, Rebecca Gibbons, Gillian Birt

Miller Rink

2nd Place, Miller Team, Chilliwack Curling Club

Judy Jeffs, Janeen Curley, Laurie Shimizu, Kerri Miller

Rampton Rink v2 2015

3rd Place, Rampton Team, Marpole Curling Club

Pam Chow, Anne Fraser, Joy McInnis, Laura Rampton

Clarke Rink

4th Place, Clark Team, Langley Curling Club

Toni Taylor, Elaine Gooliaeff, Linda Palm, Gwen Clark