Marpole Simply Seniors Bonspiel September 19 and 20


Two more teams needed!  Open to ladies 50 and older!  Cost is only $180 per team ($45 per person) and for that you get four games of golf to jump start your season, coffee and goodies Friday and Saturday mornings, sweet treats at lunch on Friday and a delicious brunch between games on SaturdayContact Laura Rampton 604-266-0124 or Marian Dickens   604-321-37722014

Below are all the details.


Draw times:
Friday 9:30 AM and 1:15 PM
Saturday 9:30 AM and 2:00 PM

Format of Play and Prizes
1. Games will be played under the CCA Rules of Curling for General Play. Open sparing will be allowed.
2. All games will be 8 ends, no bell. We would prefer if teams complete the 8 ends. However, if a team elects to concede earlier, the opposition will be awarded 1 end and 1 score point for each end not played.
3. After each game, thirds will complete the score card (including final score and ends won) and leave in the envelope provided.
The draw committee will record for each team:
Points – 2 for win, 1 for tie, 0 for loss
Ends – 1 for each end won, ½ for blank end
Score – points scored in the game
4. After each game, the draw committee will give each team one loonie for each end won and 50 cents for each blank end. (Final Game – one toonie for each end won)
5. Standings during the competition and after the final game will be determined by:
Team with the most points
If there is a tie, to break the tie we will add in ends won
If there is still a tie, we will add in points scored
6. Draw – The draw will be done for Game 3 based on standings after Game 2; for Game 4 based on standings after Game 3. Teams will play teams close to them in the standings. Teams will not play a team they have already played.
7. Prizes – Cash prizes will be awarded to Teams standing 1st to 4th at the conclusion of the bonspiel. Prizes will be presented in the lounge asap following the final draw.

Muffins and Coffee Friday & Saturday 8:30 AM
Soup & Sandwiches for Sale Friday 11:30-1:15
Tea and Goodies Friday 11:30-1:15
Brunch Saturday 11:30 – 2:00
50/50 – Please support our two 50/50’s to be drawn in the upstairs lounge Friday 1:00 PM, Saturday at Brunch. Tickets $2 each, 3 for $5, or 20 for $20.