“Congratulations to the winners. Thank you to all the teams who participated, the staff at the Marpole Curling Club and the volunteers who work hard to make this event a success. Looking forward to seeing you all back next year.”  -Laura Rampton, ConvenorMick TeamFirst Place – Marpole.

Joanne Mick, Cathy McLeod, Barb Rawson, Charlotte Edwards

Smiley teamSecond Place – Royal City

Kathy Smiley, Kerri Miller, Sue Teleski, Jane Cuthbertson

Kerr TeamThird Place – Marpole

Connie Bailey, Heather Kerr, Lu Petterson, Betty Dharmasetia

Rampton TeamFourth Place – Marpole

Marian Dickens, Laura Rampton, Joy McInnis, Judy Frampton.