Teams are shuffling, spots are opening and  leagues are  filling up but there are still some fantastic opportunities left for a few fine folk.

Tuesday Teachers League, who curl at 4:15pm have availability. Teaching certificate not required. You just have to know one!

Tuesday Mixed  (6:50pm) Team Grey is looking for an experienced third or a skip.

Monday Men’s are looking to even up the teams and room for more.

Thursday Night Ladies are looking for single curlers and teams. They alternate draw times of 6:50pm and 9:10pm.

The Saturday Afternoon Open League has availability for all curlers. Curling begins at 1:40pm.

Monday Rotary League have openings for curlers who are looking for a good opportunity for some good seconds or thirds to get experience as thirds and skips. They curl at 4:45pm- 6:45pm

Tuesday Night Fun League has a spot for one more team. They curl at 9:10pm.

If you are interested in curling with a bunch of fun ladies then please give the Business Women’s league a try.  We would love to have you, no matter what level of experience you have.  The only restriction is that you must be a female (sorry guys!).  Please email Tammy at for information.  We need full teams as well as individuals.  Hurry before there are no spots left!  The League alternates between 6:50pm and 9:10pm draws on Thursday nights.

Contact Melinda at  for more information.