Are you curling curious?

Have you signed up for a recreational league and need some quick, mad skills?  Do you just want to have some fun?  Then sign up for our basic beginner’s clinics being held at 7:00pm on Sept 18th or 20th, 2013. Only $20 per person and our instructors will have you sliding down the ice throwing a perfect rock in no time….Ok, maybe not a perfect rock and maybe it will take a little longer than no time but they will start you on your way. What are you waiting for?  Contact Melinda at or call 604-327-3400

Are you curling serious?

Brand-new at Marpole!
The Lower Mainland’s new Instructional League for adults will include all the curling equipment, ice-time and personalized coaching you’ll need to take your game from zero to 60 in a single season.
With planned lessons each week and instructors on every sheet, your game will get the attention to detail you deserve. This innovative league is Ideal for absolute beginners or novice curlers who want to hone their technique, improve their strategies, increase their confidence – and have fun doing it.
Each weekly two-hour session will include off- and on-ice instruction, practice sessions and games of increasing length through the season, which will run from mid October to March, when our autumn beginners will look like seasoned veterans curling at least 60 percent. Yes, we’ll explain curling percentages as well.
The league will run either on Thursday evenings or Saturday afternoons. If you’re interested, and you have a time-slot preference, please  register by emailing  Thomas Friesen at