The 52nd Annual B.C.C.T. Men’s Invitational Bonspiel was held at Marpole on December 27th & 28th with a full complement of 24 teams and was an overwhelming success. Congratulations to the following Marpole teams for dominating the “A” & “B” events in particular. “A” Winners: Cam Dunnett, Wayne Nurse, Robin Hewgill, (hairless) George Simpson. “A” 2nd place: Ron Stedman, Billy McNeil, Ron Peterson, Ken Bailey “B” Winners: Owen Hayward, Colin McArthur, Barry Yates, Dale Cameron “B” 2nd place: Gerry Waller, Al Barber, Thomas Friesen, Wade Carpenter “B” 3rd place: John Molendyk, James Anson, Greg Davis, Justin Leblanc A special thanks from the organizing committee to Carolyn & her staff kitchen), Owen & Doug (ice), Jennifer (bar), Marian Dickens and Connie Bailey (lunch servers) for all their hard work and contributions towards the success of this year’s event.