Mixed bonspiel cancelled

Unfortunately due to low registration & booking time lines we’ve had to make the tough decision today to cancel the Marpole Mixed Bonspiel (Oct 25-28). We thank those teams that did register for their support and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will be reviewing things to implement changes for next season to ensure a successful turn-out, and encourage you to keep an eye out next fall for details. In the meantime, if you have any feedback that you feel would help our club in achieving this success next year please feel free to contact Robbie at robbie@marpolecurling.ca.

Our next bonspiel will be the Marpole Sportsman Men’s from Nov. 22-25. A sign up sheet is available in the club lobby or you can email robbie@marpolecurling.ca with your team info. More details will be posted shortly.

Men’s lockers

We have now completed a full inventory of the men’s locker occupants and are happy to say that 16 new lockers are now open for additional members to reserve. Three members took their locks off with no future need for them, while 13 locks were cut off the ones remaining. Items found in the unclaimed lockers were numbered & bagged and will be left for pick up in the men’s locker room until Oct. 31.

Thank you to the cooperation & organization of Gerry Waller & Ron Stedman who helped facilitate this process.

Two lockers are available if anyone still wants them and will be given on a first come first served basis. Please contact Robbie in the office if you are interested.

The remaining 14 lockers have been awarded to the following people. They can choose any empty locker and are asked to inform the office of their locker number upon payment.

Aaron Gallant
Dale Cameron
Dean Shinkoda
George Moore
Graeme Charlton
Greg Davis
Gregg Bruce
J. Croft Bain
Kelly Evans
Ken Corbett
Nathan Adams
Phil Dunlop
Robert McWilliams
Sonny Sengara

Thanks to locker sharing, the men’s locker room will accommodate 105 curlers this season.

Wednesday Men’s League Box Changes

At the end of Oct 17th the following draw changes will occur:

A box: 1 down
B box: 2 up & 2 down
C box: 3 up & 2 down
D box: 2 up

This will result in the following:

A box: 6 teams
B box: 5 teams & BYE
C box: 5 teams & Crossover
D box: 5 teams & Crossover